Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Come on Pictures!!

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I know no weight loss blog is complete without before and after pictures.

I'm still looking for a picture of me which shows the weight at 260 lbs, but I took a couple of current ones of me at 241 this evening.  Now I'm just trying to get them off the camera!

First, I couldn't use my DSLR because I live alone and couldn't get my remote trigger to work; I hope it is just the battery that is dead.  Since I couldn't get my iPhone to balance properly I ended up using my point and shoot Panasonic Lumix.  While it takes good photos, getting said photos off the card is turning into a hassle!  I can't find that one stupid cord to connect to the camera with (out of the 7 different cords we use to connect various devices to the computer) and my USB card reader is being stubborn and won't connect to Windows 7.  I don't know who to blame that on!

But trying to find the photos made me realize that I've always stayed behind the camera since it was safer than standing in front of it in all my fatty glory.  I cringe when I look at myself in photos.  I don't know many obese females that don't.  The worst was when I took a photography course with 3 friends, 2 being gorgeous, tiny, females, the other a fairly attractive male, and we had to model for each other.  It made me so self-concious to see the full body "beauty shots" up on a huge projection screen showing off my ugly disgusting body right after my svelte classmates.  I despise being in front of the camera and sadly realized that I'm not that good behind it either.

How many of us keep those "ugly" photos for motivation?  
How many of us crash diet so we'd look better in photos at important events?  We don't necessarily care if we look thin on the day of, but we so want those photos, those everlasting memories, to show us at our thinnest. 
How many of us have googled "How to look thinner in photos"?
How many of us have deleted photos where we look larger than we imagine ourselves in our head?

I answer a resounding yes to all of the questions above.  I'm constantly amazed by how ugly and large I look in photos.  Yet, once again, they may motivate me to lose weight temporarily, but nothing lasting.

What is that thing that can motivate us to lose 100 pounds?  Where does that motivation come from?  Is it one life event?  A series of events? One photo?

What has motivated you to take the step and permanently, consistently work toward achieving a healthy you?

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