Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pilates or Die!

Once again I didn't get my ass out of bed for my hour of self-directed cardio this morning.  Epic Fail.  My trainer is going to own my ass tomorrow.

However, I did do something active.  I tried a new Pilates DVD I ordered on Amazon a couple of weeks ago:

I cleared the area in front of the TV (man do I have to vacuum!) and sat down to do 3 of the 5 10 minute solutions.

I like the DVD because I can choose as many of the 10 minute workouts to flow one into the other.  Since my body is still sore from everything else I wanted something that wouldn't focus on my legs.  So I chose to do the Upper Body Basics, Total Body Combo, and the Long & Limber Stretch.  I found they went by quickly and that I actually quite liked the instructor on it.  I'll definitely be repeating them all at least once a week to help work on my strength, form, and to help stretch out my back.  However, now that I'm done I have a serious headache.  All you Pilates fans, is this normal?

Wohoo!  I did a new exercise and liked it!  Score one for the fat girl.

My food today was good.  I'm in love with the McCains Ultra Thin Crust pizzas ~ I don't often eat them as I try to stay away from most processed food, but today was a long day at work, crappy weather and I felt so tired, a combination which usually would lead me to fast food, chocolate, or ice cream and sometimes all 3. Instead I grabbed the new pollo pizza and ate half for dinner (only 300 calories!) and man was it tasty!  

I'm super impressed with myself. I tried 2 new things today, enjoyed them both and now have time to take a nice long hot bath before heading to bed.

I still haven't come up with a suitable revenge for Mike for the mini eggs.  Food for thought in the bath!

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