Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I refuse to wake up early.

So as part of the way to trick my metabolism into working, my trainer wants me to do all my workouts first thing in the morning.  He hopes that maybe that it will get my metabolism kick-fired and I can break through the plateaus that plaque me after every five pounds I lose.  Ha. I live to sleep and would be rather passed out like my dog than getting up for the anything, let alone the evil elliptical.  So yet again, I didn't drag myself out of bed this morning for a self-directed morning cardio session.  I instead hit snooze for 2 hours and dragged my lazy ass out of bed so I would make it to work just in time.

The 7 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts are easier because they are classes held by the trainers; if I am not there, the other participants will track me down and harass me and I would be guaranteed to get my ass kicked at the next session by the trainers.  However, motivating myself to get up when I don't have anyone holding me accountable is something that has always held me back.  My husband hates it when I press snooze, but since he is away for school, I can indulge in that glorious snooze until the dog gets impatient and forces me awake by threatening to pee on the bed.  That, and the risk of being later than usual in the morning, is the only thing that gets me moving in the morning these days.

Sometimes I wonder if by not waking up on time, I'm sabotaging myself.  That not waking up when the alarm goes off (giving time for at least 2 snoozes) I am admitting defeat and indulging in the lazy beast the possesses me.   I always make excuses for myself to hit that button again ~ I will work out after work, I need the day off, I'll eat better today.  But do we actually do what we promise ourself when the snooze siren calls?

Well, for once this morning, even though I let myself down by not working out in the morning, I did do what I promised myself.  I set up the Wii Fit for the first time in 1500 days and did a cardio and yoga workout.  It turns out, I am 6 lbs lighter than I was 4 years ago.  Go figure.  Maybe 140 - 145 is my body's default set point.

I did 40 minutes of step cardio, "running" and all the unlocked yoga poses.  While I did get a glow of sweat it was no where near the sweat pools that I generate when I do a full workout.

I think I'll have to keep the Wii workouts for recovery days.  Alas, I really need to get my ass to the gym in the mornings to get the calorie burn I need to bust the plateaus.

Did I mention how much I'm not a morning person?  Let that lazy beast roar!

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