101 Things to Accomplish in 1001 Days

101 Things to Accomplish in 1001 Days

Start Date: March 29, 2012

End Date: December 25, 2014

Items in blue are complete

Items in red will not be completed

Items in green are in progress

(2/101 complete!!)
(9/101 in progress!)

  1. Weigh below 240 lbs (since April 10, 2012!!, failure with gaining on May 15, 2012)
  2. Weigh below 230 lbs
  3. Weigh below 220 lbs
  4. Weigh below 210 lbs
  5. Weigh below 200 lbs
  6. Weigh below 190 lbs
  7. Weigh below 180 lbs
  8. Weigh below 170 lbs
  9. Weigh below 160 lbs 
    • each of the weight goals other will be considered complete if I weight below the amount for 10 or more days, and will be considered incomplete if I go back up past that number.
  10. Reduce my body fat % to below 25%
  11. Hold a perfect plank for 60 seconds
  12. Buy a size 12 dress
  13. Buy pants in a normal size clothing store (i.e. not Penningtons, Addition Elle, Lane Bryant or the Plus size department in ANY store)
  14. Run a mile without stopping
  15. Complete the Couch to 5k running program (0/27 sessions)
  16. Run the 10K Vancouver Sun Run in under 90 minutes
  17. Lose my double chin
  18. Buy skinny jeans
  19. Do a proper boy push-up
  20. Do a pull-up
  21. Go snowboarding and actually be able to stand up on the board unassisted
  22. Wear a bikini
  23. Feel pretty inside my own skin
  24. Buy a house with my husband
  25. Sell my condo
  26. Travel to Europe
  27. Pay off my credit card debt (working on it with scheduled pay-downs each paycheque)
  28. Take a spin class (Completed, April 10, 2011)
  29. Take a step class
  30. Teach myself how to use wordpress to move this blog to my own domain
  31. Blog at least 3x a week for the next 1001 days (so far so good!)
  32. Organize my music - 15 Gigs worth
  33. Organize my photos - thousands and thousands
  34. Take an Adobe Photoshop course
  35. Finish my scrapbooks:
    1. wedding day
    2. university
    3. bahamas trip
    4. wedding cruise
    5. Other trips
  36. Knit an afghan
  37. Visit my friends in the Bahamas
  38. Get a promotion to Senior Developer at work
  39. Sell all my left-over wedding stuff (3/5 sold!)
  40. Find a way to organize and stay on top of the paper that accumulates every where
  41. Go skydiving
  42. Find 100 things I like about myself
  43. Find the perfect little black dress
  44. Make a decent recipe binder and organize recipes
  45. Make whole grain bread from scratch
  46. Purchase a bicycle (and use it)
  47. Make pasta and/or spaetzle from scratch
  48. Attend a knitting meet-up
  49. Knit a pair of socks
  50. Floss every day (Started again, April 11, 2012)
  51. Make one recipe from every cookbook I own
  52. Do something physical every day (Started again after being sick, April 9, 2012)
  53. Change my last name to my husbands
  54. Get a Nexus card
  55. Keep my car clean for a month
  56. Walk the dog 3x a week for a month
  57. Brush the dogs teeth 2x a week (Started April 11, 2012)
  58. Make a new friend (or 2)
  59. Wake up before 8 am every day for 2 weeks
  60. Host 10 game board nights
  61. Create a LinkedIn account
  62. Order new eyeglasses
  63. Not hit the snooze button for a week
  64. Clear out the clutter from the house
  65. Host another mystery dinner party
  66. Chest press 50lbs
  67. Decorate / Make a cake out of each of my decorating books.
  68. Knit a sweater that looks good
  69. *private ;)*
  70. Work with my dog so he is less fearful and more friendly with kids and strangers
  71. Find a family doctor
  72. Learn to play Mahjong
  73. Comment on 30 blogs (10/30)
  74. Gain 30 followers on my blogs
  75. Find the perfect icing recipe
  76. See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen
  77. Learn and be comfortable with Javascript and Ext4 (crucial to move forward at work)
  78. Never wake up past 10am for 3 months
  79. Sell 500$ worth of stuff I no longer need ($10 / $500)
  80. Purge my closet every 3 months 
  81. Go on 5 roadtrips
  82. Look into electrolysis
  83. Paint my nails once a week
  84. Fold laundry within 24 hours of it being dry for one month
  85. Take boudoir pictures (post weight loss)
  86. Make a will
  87. Bake a pie
  88. Begin to learn Cantonese
  89. Use my elliptical at home at least once a week for 3 months
  90. Create an esty shop
  91. Sell something through the esty shop
  92. Knit / Sew cushion covers
  93. Create a life/goal board
  94. Ramp up word of mouth advertising for my cake business
  95. Create a webpage, business cards for my cake business
  96. Create a financial plan for retirement
  97. Finish filling all picture frames and hang them
  98. Plan a trip to celebrate Husband's graduation from Pharmacy
  99. Do the Grouse Grind in under 1 hr 30 minutes
  100. Participate in a photography challenge to increase skills
  101. start a new list with anything I haven't completed and some new goals

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