Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Conquering the Wednesday Hump

Today is a physically feeling off type of day.  I think my body is informing me that my poor choices Monday were very poor indeed.

I tweaked my knee again letting the dog outside this morning.  Ugh.  I hate knowing something is wrong but dreading going to the doctor's to be told once again that everything wrong with me is due to my fat.  I'm going to look after this knee as well as I can, but taking 5 days off from the gym isn't the answer.  I'm determined to go to the gym after work today and get some cardio in. 

I ate a normal breakfast this morning (Tim Horton's oatmeal and a large green tea) but my stomach is feeling really bloated and unhappy.  Not upset, just not its usual self.  I had my lunch even though I wasn't hungry and now I'm feeling so super bloated that my jeans are quite uncomfortable.  These were the jeans that I had to wear a belt with to keep them up just last week.  I don't believe that I have gained enough weight to make them this tight, but given the binge on Monday, I can't guarantee anything.  I now really am wishing for sweats to wear right now.  I don't like this feeling.  I have 5 more hours of work after my current lunch break and sitting here with my belt and jeans pressing against my stomach at the best isn't pleasant and at the worst is distracting.


And now my head hurts again!

Have I complained enough for you yet?  I have for me!

On the positive side, I ate well yesterday and stayed within my calorie range:

The other thing that put a smile on my face was this post by Kristin over at And She Ran:

Confidence Tuesday Paying It Forward

Even though I'm on the other side of the world, I'm going to join and do this wonderful thing.  It is a perfect way to ensure each day we stay out of our funk and depression and keep on smiling.

When I'm happy, I'm more likely to be healthy!

As well, my husband and I have stepped up the search for bicycles to purchase soon. 

I'm in love with this one:

2011 Trek 7000

This one:
2012 Giant Roam XR W

And possibly this one:
2010 Norco Roma ST
 Oh, and definitely this one:
2010 Kona Dew FS

And can't forget this one:
2011 Crosstrail Sport Disc

They are all fairly comparable in parts and almost in price (if I hit the sales)

Anyone have any advice on how to choose a bike or which ones they like?

I'm looking for one to use for commuting (conquering some serious hills) but which can also go off-road at the campsites and some gravel trails.  NOT downhill mountain biking!


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, you've made excellent progress towards your goal!

    I don't really have any advice on bikes, other than to not get an actual mountain bike. I have a mountain bike, my hubby has a hybrid. So he can't ride off-road and it is brutal for me to ride on the roads. I really should sell it. Ho hum...

    1. Hmm... a hybrid can't go off-road? Can it handle gravel paths etc?

      My husband is looking more for a mountain bike, but since hills and speed scare me, there is no point ~ I won't be taking mine on the mountains!

      Thanks for the advice!

  2. Thanks for the shout out :) I can't wait for the challenge to start!

    Take good care of that knee! I had issues with mine last week and, like you, wasn't keen to stop exercising altogether while it sorted itself out but I was *very* easy on it and everything seems okay now, fingers crossed!

    As for the bike, when I went to get mine I was constantly told that I couldn't go wrong with a Giant. I bought the 2012 Giant Roam XR W you have pictured and I named him Sprocket and I ADORE HIM! It is a super easy ride that works well on the road and the trail. I haven't had a single issue (except for losing my front tyre for a few days but that was operator error *blush*)

    1. I'm going to have to test drive the Roam again methinks!

      Thank you for the wonderful advice. Now just to think of a great name ~ Sprocket is awesome!