Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Goal Check-in Week 3

Last week's goals:


Weight Goal:

Lose 2 lbs (FAIL, I ended up gaining 0.5lbs due to lack of exercise and eating out)

Non-Scale Health / Fitness Goal:

Workout for a total of 6 hours this week and track everything I eat. (FAIL, I made 5.5 hours of workout if I include the 2 hours for pitch-and-putt golf)

Personal Goal :

Find and organise all the papers necessary for the Realtor. (SUCCESS!  I organized them all, now I just need to scan and email them to him)

This week's goals:

Weight Goal:

Lose 2 lbs.

Non-Scale Health / Fitness Goal:

Do something active every day (except Monday, migraine day)

Personal Goal:

Organise all cake decorating / baking supplies to reclaim use of the office area!

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