Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Craaazy Weekend...

This weekend marked the beginning and end of a few things. 

The end of:
  • My husband's visit: he went back to Edmonton on Sunday morning.  
  • Food tracking: I did well until Sunday where I could care less.
  • A whole box of girl guide cookies: don't ask.
  • A piping tube of chocolate fudge icing: made for a tasty, but incredibly fattening, breakfast.
  • Healthy eating: I failed big time.
  • Eating out:  I now have no excuses for not preparing my own healthy meals at home.
  • My motivation to work out.
The beginning of:
  • Golf!  Got my first pitch and putt round in on Sunday (my style of golf)
  • Sun!  It was sunny here most of the weekend which made me smile.
  • A search for a bike!  My husband rode a bike for the first time in years and we narrowed our search down to 3 bikes.  They will be purchased when he is back in June.
  • Back to the basics!  I'm committing to preparing all my meals for the next week, except for Saturday.
  • A bum knee :(  My knee has been giving me fits for about a month now and was almost too painful on the weekend to even test ride bicycles.
  • The countdown until my husband comes home again!  7 weeks to go.

I weighed in on Monday morning at 239.7 pounds.  I gained half of a pound, which I'm going to take graciously since I ate out more often than I ate in.  Given how hard it is to count calories of food while eating out, I'm sure that my calorie counts last week were on the low side.  I also missed too many exercise sessions.

Here are my calorie results from last Friday and Saturday:

Your Daily Goal1,3601874551162,500


Your Daily Goal1,3601874551162,500


I didn't track on Sunday and Monday since I was too depressed and willing to eat horrible things.  Sunday probably wasn't too bad, but Monday was just off the track completely.  I was home sick with a migraine and was eating in such a zombie state I don't even know if I could remember everything I ate accurately.  I know it involved whole bags of Twistos and whole boxes of cookies, but I also know there was other food in the middle.  *sigh*  Emotional and boredom eating will be my downfall.

However, as of Tuesday morning, I am back on track. 

I've had a healthy lunch and breakfast so far and have healthy items at home for supper.  All the cupcakes are gone.  My freezer is stocked with healthy protein:

a collection of healthy protein and carbs: cooked chicken tenders, chicken breasts, and turkey meatballs

 While my husband was here, we did a massive batch cook.  We marinated and grilled 8 lbs of chicken thighs and 8 lbs of chicken tenders.  About 1/3 of that was consumed by various parties in various ways and the rest of it was packaged up into 2 portion amounts, labelled, and then froze.

I also made up 6 lbs of turkey meatballs, cooked in 3 batches in the slow cooker.  One was in BBQ sauce (yum), another in Korean BBQ sauce (yum yum) and the last in a jar of low-fat, low-sodium tomato sauce  (meh).  Those were then also partially eaten up and the rest portioned out again into 2 servings, labelled and frozen.

For the carb portions, since I bought them at Costco, I separated the mini pita buns and the high-fibre tortillas into 2 serving portions as well to freeze. 

So now I have about 25 servings of a healthy cooked protein all frozen and ready to be defrosted for any of my meals.

I also have about 5 portions in the fridge for this week.

This was a new attempt for me, to prevent me from that common excuse for take-out "The meat is still frozen."

I now have no excuses, at least for the next month!

I just need to go buy more fresh fruit and veggies as well as making a huge pot of steel-cut oatmeal. 

I also need to go see a doctor for me knee.  The trainer initially thought it was just because my quad muscles were tight, but I wrapped it before golf on Sunday and it really really helped, so I don't think it is my quads doing it.

Question:  How do you bounce back from poor food choices / loss of exercise motivation?

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