Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And the Results are in:

6 lbs

That is how much I gained in one week of gluttony.  6 lbs.  That means I ate an extra 21000 calories over 7 days.  That is an extra 3000 calories a day.

How does one accomplish such a feat?  Well now, that is an easy question to answer.

A: Eat high-fat calorie laden food for every meal until you feel sick.  Then do minimal exercise and spend copious amounts of time lying on the couch watching TV or sitting in restaurants eating food, not necessarily because it tastes good, but because you can.

Oh yes sir, it is an easy thing to eat an extra 3000 calories a day.

6 lbs

That is how much I need to lose in order to undo a weeks worth of nonsense eating.  It is a sign of how far off the track I can get when I give myself permission to eat and do whatever feels good for a week.

It is a number that shames me and yet liberates me at the same time.

I know I ate poorly.  I know I ate so much food that I didn't need to intake.  I knew that there was little chance of me maintaining my weight that week.  Apparently I'm not a very goal orientated person.

I am almost thankful I didn't not gain a significant amount of weight. It reminds me of how much impact small missteps as well as big missteps can have on this weight loss journey.  If I would have only gained a pound or stayed the same, I could see myself giving myself permission to eat whatever I want just because, hey, a week of gluttony only equal a small weight gain.  

But I gained a huge amount.  A painfully high amount.

A number that will take me a month to lose.

6 lbs

The amount I am going to lose in the next month.  A number which will remind me that nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels.  Trust me, I ate enough to realize that.

I didn't need or particularly want all that extra food.  I want to be healthy.  I want to fit into my clothes, I want to be proud of myself.

That extra 6 lbs gives me a focus and a way to become proud of myself.

For the month of June, I'm going to lose that 6 lbs plus more.  I am not going to let this stop me.  This will motivate me.

6 lbs

gawd damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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