Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goal Check-in Week #4

Last Week's Goals:

Weight Goal:

Lose 2 lbs (FAIL, I ended up gaining 2.5lbs due to lack of exercise and eating out)

Non-Scale Health / Fitness Goal:

Do something active every day (except Monday, migraine day.) (Almost SUCCESS!  Other than Monday and Tuesday, I was active every day. )

Personal Goal :

Organise all cake decorating / baking supplies to reclaim use of the office area! (FAIL,  I instead spent my evening in a self-loathing state and eating.)

This week's goals:

I don't seem to be doing very well on these goals.  I should print them out and put them on the fridge to remind myself every day!

Weight Goal:

Maintain.  With family in town, I know this weekend is going to be hard.

Non-Scale Health / Fitness Goal:

Workout every day, for a minimum of 20 minutes.  

Personal Goal:

Remind myself every day that even if the social part of my life is lacking, I have many other wonderful things happening!


  1. I discovered your blog through another one I'm following and I just wanted to say Thank you. Thank you for being honest about not reaching your goals, making mistakes and trying hard to do the right thing. So many blogs/articles about weight loss are inspirational, motivating and sound fantastic, but the reality is: it's hard. This is the second time I'm trying to lose the weight and I'm struggling, there's just so many things I want to do, other than be healthy and exercise. But I try. So thank you for being real and for trying. Best of luck xox

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment! Good luck in your journey and we'll both keep trying and staying real together. I think we both need to incorporate the things we want to do with being healthy and exercise. Because we can succeed even if we make a few mistakes along the way.