Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It isn't Easy

I had a few other posts brewing in my head today, but I received a wonderful comment on yesterday's post from Megan over at The first day of the rest of my life that I wanted to expound on.

Losing weight isn't easy.  Being honest about our journeys to lose weight isn't easy.  If it was easy, how many of these blogs would exist?  How many people would chronicle their frustrations and motivations and life if changing your lifestyle from being unhealthy to healthy was easy?

Losing weight is hard.  Overcoming food addictions, injuries, self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, and all of life's balancing acts is hard.

I think the weight loss / healthy living / fitness and health community needs to stay honest and real.  I LOVE reading all the motivational posts about people who have lost 100+ lbs and are living life to the fullest.  They make it seem so easy and attainable.  They motivate me. It makes me sad when those who are struggling with weight loss fall off the blogosphere.  You almost know that they've most likely gained weight and given up and feel guilty.  Yet, even when they were posting they were motivating me.  I could relate to them on a level I can't to those who have already won the battle.

You should never feel guilty over failing.  All my failures to achieve my weekly goals through the last 15 years of trying to lose weight have taught me so much about myself.  How strong I can be when I need to be; how weak I can be when I'm feeling low.  I have learnt so much about my body.  How it craves cardio and hates oily foods.  Only by failing have I truly learnt who I am.

I celebrate the successes even more because of the failures.  They are much more precious to me since I've had to work hard to reach them.  Weight loss isn't easy, neither is life.  If we are going to succeed at one, why shouldn't we strive to succeed at the other?

Everyone out there who has struggled and succeeded or struggled and failed should feel free to be open and honest about what worked and what didn't in their journey.  Because changing my life, changing our lives, isn't a journey that ends.  We can learn new habits but must work at not falling back into the old ones every day.

Always be honest with your successes and failures.  I don't know if I would be where I am now without people out there telling the truth about hard it is lose weight and how wonderful it feels to succeed.  Each day that I struggle or succeed I drag my ass (or mouse and eyes) to check Google Reader I find a wonderful assortment of blog posts of people who have failed, succeed, lost and won.  Each of those posts remind me that I'm not alone on this journey and neither is anyone else out there.

Keep being honest about your journey and I promise I will always stay true to mine.  I will try to never be afraid of letting anyone down by failing as long as I have stayed true to myself.

This is my journey and commitment to being honest.  What is yours?

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