Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Attack of Eating Out!

Phew.... I made it through Tuesday night dinner out without completely blowing my diet!

Although I did do significant damage:  2607 calories intake, 350 calories burned in bootcamp.

It is always so tricky tracking calories when you eat out - especially when you are eating more family style.

My husband, myself,  his sisters and their families (8 of us in total) all got together to try a new family owned restaurant that was featured in "You Gotta Eat Here!" a Canadian version of the popular Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Well, it was fabulous.  We all ordered different things and all shared.   How do you track when you have a mouthful of this, a spoonful of that, random pieces of calamari, and bites of garlic bread?  All those little bites add up though so you can't discount them.

It helps that a significant portion of the meal was the most amazing pizza.  That is easier to track.  The rest I did by entering the food and then reducing the portion size to around 1/4 cup.  That is probably close enough!

Yesterday was tough on me for food.  I wanted to over-indulge all day long since I knew I'd be killing my calorie intake by going out to eat.  If I would have had a box of girl guide cookies in my car, I probably would have eaten half of them on the drive home with zero guilt.  As it was I indulged in chocolate covered macadamia nuts instead.

I tried to moderate though.  I left the restaurant feeling satisfied, but not overly full.  I resisted the bubble tea everyone, but my husband and I, had after dinner.  I didn't feel stuffed when I came home from the restaurant and then resisted until just before bedtime to have a mini-cheesecake leftover from Sunday. 

I also didn't have my typical 90 calories of chocolate before bed. 

But I also didn't get a great workout in, not nearly enough cardio, and gave myself permission to not care while eating out.  So it was a hit and miss day.  Food was ok, exercise was adequate, but I was in a great mood since I wasn't stressing over what I was going to eat AND my husband didn't comment on one thing I had or didn't have!!

I think I gave my husband a bad rap in on of my latest posts.  He is trying to hard to be supportive.  I came home Monday night to a wonderfully  prepared healthy meal (grilled chicken, asparagus, and half a pretzel bun).  We were going to have it for dinner but he failed and we ended up going out for dinner (vietnamese-style chicken curry for me, with minimal rice, still stayed in calorie goal) and I took the planned dinner for lunch yesterday.   And he didn't comment at all on what I'm eating.  He is trying so hard.

Question:  Does anyone else have a spouse that wants to help but doesn't know how?  What do you tell them?  How do they support you even if they themselves don't need to loose weight?

As a side note, to keep myself transparent and accountable, I'll be posting my daily calorie intake and exercise burn from for the next 2 weeks.  (p.s. If you're also on MyFitnessPal and want to be friends, my username is Crislen)

Here is Monday, May 1st:
*You've earned 350 extra calories from exercise today 
Your Daily Goal1,7102355664202,500



  1. My husband is generally pretty good with just letting me do my thing. Every now and again when I am eating something that really won't do me any favours he will say something like "You know you would lose weight even faster if you didn't have that" but he generally saves those comments for the times when I really am being stupid with food.
    And as far as your day goes I think you did a really good job. During (and after) your weight loss journey there are going to be days when you just have to do the best with the situations you are faced with. We can't live life holed up in our houses counting every morsel that passes our lips. Good on you for finding the delicate balance between enjoying life (and your family) and health :)

    1. Thanks for the wonderful feedback! It is a good reminder that sometimes our workout situations and eating can't be perfect and good enough is ok.

      It sounds like you have a wonderful and supportive husband!