Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday Mashup

Well, I know it technically isn't Monday but this post formed in my head on Monday and tonight (Tuesday) was the time I was motivated to write it down.

I know I generally don't write a "this is what I did today blog" but I think I want to explain what my weekend was like.

After last Friday night, I realised that I can't just sit back and let life pass me by.  I may not have a social life or any friends, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from enjoying the minimal amount I have.

Saturday morning I skipped the morning circuit class.  My knee was bothering me a little, but I had a mission.  I was going to find my bike.

At 3 different bike shops, I test rode 5 bikes.  The first place, the guys were nice, but not really interested in helping me, so after a quick loop around the parking lot, I was done.  The next stop was much more productive.  The guy was super friendly, answered all my questions, and let me take a bike for a nice test ride.  I was hooked.  I had fun on that bike and managed to do a few hills without killing myself.  The sun was shining, I was happy.

The 3rd bike shop had the Kona Dew FS that I really wanted to try.  It was supposed to have the little swoop like a step-through frame, but apparently the ones delivered to Canada had the standard frame since the Canadian distributors HATED the swooped frame.  So straight boy frame it was.

The guys at Jubilee Cycle in Burnaby were wonderful.  They were patient with me and answered all my questions.  I went out for 2 long test rides on 2 different bikes and fell in love with the Kona Dew.  I was sold.  Now just to convince my husband!

I was riding high by 3 pm on Saturday when I met with my one friend and went and played pitch-and-putt.  I almost let myself get defeated when my friend kicked my ass on every single hole.  But then I realised, you know what, I like golf, but I'm never going to really practise or try hard like my friend.  I'm there for the social side of it, not because I really enjoy it!

But it was a fun 3 hour walk outside in the finally sunny weather with a good friend who was going to be moving soon!!

Then we hit the Richmond Summer Night Market for dinner.... oh my.... that place deserves a post of its own (next week, I promise) so lets just say, the food was wonderful!

I also ran into my husbands 2 sisters and their families there.  They heard I was coming (I did invite one couple, but they never got back to me) and decided to join me.  I also ran into my former best friend.  Former because his wife didn't like me ~ it was an odd quick marriage and we never really bonded well ~ but then again she doesn't seem to like any of his friends.  It was a nice quick hello and I saw his adorable little girl.  The company and food was amazing, filling, and oh so yummy.

Yes, that food was so good, I gained 3 pounds last week.  That is what unhealthy choices and lack of exercise do to me.  And depression.  Damn the moods and emotional eating.

Sunday I contributed to it, but I got back outside after laying around and napping until 2 pm.  I bought my bike!!  I also met up with the same friend from Saturday and went and saw The Avengers finally.

All of that meant I didn't actually get any housework or cleaning or yard work done over the weekend.

Which means I'm doing it in the evenings this week.

I was super productive yesterday by mowing the lawn last night right after coming home.  I also got the clutter organised a little and a weeks worth of dishes done (my depression and self-loathing hit its peak on Friday, but was weighing me down all week.)

I also got 2 weeks worth of laundry done!  WOHOO!

To add to the good karma, on Monday, I also did a 60 minute bootcamp in the morning.  I had my husband call me at 6:15 am to make sure I got up and went.  Being a good husband, he called me on the house line so I had to get out of bed to answer.  Thank god he did or else I wouldn't have made it.

The workout went so well!! My knee survived and I was so energetic afterwards.  I felt positive again.  I was back at it.

Today I went to the afternoon bootcamp and while I didn't completely kill it, my knee was happy, so I was happy!

I am unable to do tomorrow's workout since I have a massage therapy appointment in the afternoon to help with my knee and legs, but I'm hoping to take the dog for a long walk in the evening instead.  I will not let myself get down!

This sun is so welcome!

I may not be posting much in the next couple of weeks.  I have family (well not mine, but my husband's brother and cousins) coming to Vancouver for the week.  This will involve TONS of eating out since they come for the food and golf.  But it will also help get me out of my funk.

I pick my bike up Saturday so definitely more to follow (with pictures!!)

Have I rambled enough yet?

Happy Tuesday from a Monday mashup!

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