Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pictures of Fat

I finally found that stupid connector cord.  

And was able to see full body picture of myself.  I chose simple, body skimming black workout pants and a blue tank top.  No bra so we can see what it looks like without the help of Victoria's Secret.

Wow.  Nothing like putting it out there in its full glory.

Now lets pick it apart like all females do!

I actually don't mind my butt.  It could be worse, but it is much better than I thought. 
My boobs, ugh... I so want new ones!  I would love for my boobs to actually stick out further than my stomach one day!  

I don't mind my waist, I actually have some curves.  And in dark clothes, I don't look too bad from the front.  The sides though!  Mamma-Mia.  Thank gawd for Spanx!

Oh those arms... ick ick ick ick.  I have this feeling that I'll have to suffer through excess skin removal surgery there when I'm done.  

What else?  My calves aren't too bad, but to ever get to that elusive weight and body where my thighs no longer rub together... I don't know if that is possible!

I don't quite have a chin as a slope...  I don't really have a neck.  I eventually want to see a defined chin.. and a neck.. not triangle is trying to imitate one.

Hmm...  maybe in different lighting I'd look worse from the front, there doesn't seem to be any definition there, just a blob.

Yeah.. that is what I am.  Just one big blob of fat trying to write a blog.

The Blob Blog!  lol.

Okay... I've driven myself into delirium looking at how ugly I am.

I've got 80lbs of fat to remove from that body... wish me luck!  

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