Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Home.... Here goes the diet.

I flew home to Calgary today to visit my mom, grandparents and husband. All of that means a lot of eating out and minimal exercise.

I know that most obese people hate flying, but surprisingly I don't mind it. The regular seatbelt has always fit me, albeit a bit on the tight side on older planes. And if the armrest is down it holds all my fat in. What I don't like is the look on people's face when they see me approaching. I am always so careful not to encroach on anyone else's space to the extreme of not even using the shared arm rest.

But I'll admit to being a bit of a hypocrite because when I see a person larger than me, I always wonder how both of us fatsos are going to fit (hmm my spell check didn't complain about fatso) in that tiny airplane seat.

I flew Westjet ..... Absolutely love them. Their newer planes have tons of leg room and seat width. So even with my extra 100 lbs. I was able to fit fine.

Tomorrow morning will be a 3 hour road trip to my grandparents. I'm going to try to being healthy snacks and plenty of water. I know when I'm down there I will be spoiled with food so I'm being careful where I can. Although I'm trying to be proactive and have arranged a trip to the gym on Friday to work some of it off. In the meantime I'm working to avoid this :

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