Sunday, April 22, 2012

My weekend in Pictures

First attempt at a wonder mould cake. I under baked it and had to restart ~ and avoid the temptation to eat it all.  I succumbed to eating just the part in the bowl.

Really tough Saturday morning circuit class - 647 calories is almost a new record.  I died!

First hot car sighting of the day - the gym I do Saturday circuit at is upstairs and a guy rents the downstairs to store 2 very nice sports cars
A healthy and successful shopping trip to Costco - veggies, strawberries, egg whites and 4 new perennials!

Hot car sighting #2 - I think all the sun Saturday morning brought them all out.  I'm not complaining!
And then after shopping - a nice nap on the couch.  This is how my dog sleeps - hiding his head under the coffee table.  I swear he thinks that we can't see him this way.

Saturday evening was spent making a birthday cake for a girl's 3rd birthday.  The second attempt at the wonder mould cake worked much much better and left me with no scraps to eat - wohoo!

Sunday morning I was up early posting wedding items and misc items on craigslist.  This is part to help accomplish 2 items on my 101 things to do in 1001 days.

Lots and lots of laundry today - these are the last 2 loads.  Aren't you just jealous of my hot pink carpet? lol.
To Be Accomplished Still:
Picking all the wonderful dandelions that have popped up in the last 2 weeks.  I also want to plant the new perennials I picked up yesterday
Gotta get my veggies in!

Chicken defrosting - I will be batch cooking the chicken and broccoli tonight so I have healthy lunches and dinners for the weeks

Canucks Game at 5!  Go Canucks Go!

Overall, fairly healthy, fairly active, and getting much accomplished!

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