Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remember to Eat Regularly

With my husband in town it is very difficult to get things done - including blogging, exercise and food prep. Oh, and laundry! As typical in most long distance relationships, when you do see each other, you try to cram everything in a few short days. Add in the fact the sheer amount of friends and family that want to see him, I feel, 3 days in, that I'm already running on empty.

Today I nearly was sick at the Superstore.  We were out late, up early, and had been on the go the whole time.  My husband is that rare creature who doesn't have to eat much to go ~ he'll have breakfast and then be good until dinner.  On the other hand, if I don't eat on a regular basis, my stomach revolts, I get light headed and feel exhausted.  So this afternoon at Superstore we were picking up the rest of the stuff we need for a BBQ we are hosting tonight.  I was feeling ill, light headed, and my stomach was on revolt.  I didn't know which end it was going to come out of!  My husband didn't understand.  He was all like "but you had eggs for breakfast, how can you be hungry".  Never mind that breakfast was 5 hours ago and we hadn't had anything to eat or drink since then.  I was a prime example of why you need to eat properly, regular;y , and always have water and healthy snacks on you or in the car!  We ended up stopping for "lunch" at Fresh Slice pizza where I was able to grab a single slice of pizza for lunch since I refused to do greasy fast food or overpriced deli food.

I don't think I've mentioned how much I heart Fresh Slice.  If you don't have them near you...  *sigh.*  They have really good single slice pizza made with a thin whole wheat crust.  It isn't greasy at all, as in, after sitting on a napkin for 5 minutes, no grease was left on it!  It also is light on the cheese and sauce, but heavy on the vegetables.  For $1.79 a slice and being right across from the grocery store, it was a life saver!

So we are home now, my husband is napping and I have time to blog!

I went shopping to the States yesterday.  Yes, I am a cross-border shopper on a regular basis.  I live and work in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, BC, Canada and live and work within a 20 minute drive of the USA-Canada border.

Now, to dispel a myth, not everything is cheaper in the States.  You have to know your prices.  However, it isn't necessarily the prices that we go down for.  It is the selection!  The sheer amount of variety that is available in the grocery, shoe, and clothing stores is huge.  For a plus size girl I am in heaven.  I can find many more clothes when I am cross border than when I'm at home.  The prices can be a little cheaper, but the selection is huge (to me).

So my friend and I spent 12 hours (including an hour in line at the border railing against those stupid self-absorbed people who try to cheat the border line-up by cutting in from the Nexus line-up or pretending they are Duty Free shoppers) shopping, driving, and having a good time.  I talked her out of the candy apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but indulged in some Pretzel Bites at Auntie Anne's pretzels.  We ate a healthy lunch of grilled chicken salad and made sure we had tons of water to keep us hydrated.

We ended up spending about $550 in total.  Including a $200 Costco trip for healthy chicken breasts.  OMG, have I mentioned how much cheaper chicken and turkey is south of the border?  If boneless skinless chicken breasts go on sale below $4 per pound, it is a huge sale in Vancouver.  However, I can go to Costco and get boneless skinless chicken breasts for $2.50 per pound.  For a fat girl changing her lifestyle that is perfect.  I can stock up on chicken thighs, breasts, and fillets and have no excuses over why I can't cook at home.  Add in the amazing Fibre One Brownies, and I'm in heaven.  I also found fantastic high fibre and protein tortilla wraps and pita buns!

I try to support the Canadian economy by buying most of my items locally in smaller independent stores.  But it isn't easy because the prices are higher and the selection is lower.  So as much as I support locally, I won't feel guilty cross border shopping for better deals 2 or 3 times a year.

As for going across regularly just for gas (I work 15 km from the border) I have zero guilt.  We are charged tax on a tax up here for gas.  Why should I pay $70 to fill up my tank every 2 weeks and still have horrific transit service, or cross the border and pay $40 to fill up my tank?  Then spend that extra $30 donating to local charities and community groups?

OK, I'm rambling.

I'll sign off now and go fix up my "What I'm reading post" since this week has been really interesting on the blogosphere.

Question:  If you could, would you cross border shop?

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